Sunday, 27 November 2011

Blogging Backlog: Tong Yang Experience

I've been so busy with work and all I do after work is to squeeze in some sleep. Yes, NO TIME FOR BLOGGING. But today is a different story.. am thankful enough that my rest day permits me to post our Tong Yang experience 2 weeks ago. Of course, I was with my food buddy slash dear boyfriend who's really having fun on buffets. We've already tried several buffet restaurants in the Metro and this time, I'll just compare Tong Yang with Seoul Garden (SM Annex North).

We decided to give it a try because 1) it's the nearest! 2) it's too cheap! --yes, Php299 for a lunch buffet on weekdays, and 3) Sho opted for Shabu-shabu. Compare to Seoul Garden, the price is much better so expect more customers in Tong Yang.

Our table! :)

Bacon cannot be found on the buffet table. You need to ask for it! :|

Good thing they have a sushi bar BUT it's literally small. :| As you can see, there are only 4 serving plates available and they don't always refill it. At least they have it 'cause you cannot find a sushi bar in Seoul Garden. Maybe Seoul Garden is sticking to pure Korean food.

More maki for me. :D

Food selection. Nothing so special though.

 More greenies and hotdogs! Haha! Seriously, they have it! I just can't analyze WHYYYY. :))

My personal chef was busy cooking!

I like the fact that they prefer to use butter. Seoul Garden only provides cooking oil or vegetable oil.

Let's now move to desserts. I was kinda disappointed with what Tong Yang has but it's more like "you get what you paid for". They only have 4 Ice Cream flavors and no toppings to choose from. Their other dessert is just Halo-halo which I didn't enjoy at all. *sad*

If I'm gonna rate Tong Yang, I would give it a 2 out of 5. Basically, people with limited budget for buffet might want to choose Tong Yang over Seoul Garden which costs almost Php600 per head (It depends on the time that you'll eat there. click  here for the accurate pricing). But for someone like me who prefers quality over affordability, I'd surely go for other buffet restaurants like Saisaki and Yakimix (Spiral, Heat and other high-end buffets are exempted) that have variety of options and real delish foodies. :)

P.S. Sorry if my boyfriend's face dominated the post. Hee. :">

P.P.S. This is such a torture most especially to those "hungry birds" like me. :| :))

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