Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair Part 2 (Post number 2)

My apologies to all of my "readers/followers" (Chos! Haha.) for this super late post regarding the 2nd installment of Bloggers United. But as promised, here's the second blog which shows the photos with the fashion bloggers that I admire and the good good stuff that I found on that event! :)

A photo with one of the prettiest, Kryz Uy! :)

It was my first time to see Ms. Divine Lee. I got goosebumps upon seeing her, seriously! She's so GORGEOUS! :) I also love her dress (Versace x H&M) and her shoes above. With her body, no wonder she can pull off anything.

..And of course, why Victor Basa is so in love with her! :)

Finally got the chance to meet Vern Enciso. See my blog roll on my sidebar, she's the first on the list! :) I discovered her blog just 2 months ago and I instantly became her follower. That's mainly because of her style which is soooo me? :) Look! We're both wearing Bubbles' tassel necklace and same texture of blazer. She's nice as well! <3

I LOVE Domiqiue Tiu's kimono here! :) Let me also mention that she's my crush! :)) (No, I'm not lesbo duh. Sadly though! Haha.)

Saw Aisa Ipac too! Another favorite blogger of mine. She's one of the organizers of Bloggers United 2. :)

Before leaving Treston International College, I saw Kookie Buhain outside. I immediately approached her. Yeah, she never fails to amaze me with her style. :)

With Karl Leuterio! :) Okay, his bangs are much better than my unruly bangs! :| lol.

I saw Amethyst on that event.. Ooops, I mean Laureen Uy. Can't really break her style. ;)

Paul Jatayna's busy selling his stuff so I wasn't able to approach him.

THE Os Accessories

I really had fun even if the venue feels like hell because of the deadly heat inside the gym. I kid..Or not! :)) Here are the 2 of my purchases:

Was supposed to buy Varsity jacket or watch from David Guison for boyfriend again but the items were sold out. And so I ended up buying the diamond necklace. Look what happened after the day that I purchased it. *sad*

Camille Co wasn't there but here's what I got on her booth, Shu Uemura creams. :) Perfect gift this Christmas!

Am hoping that there's still Bloggers United Part 3. Pretty please? :)

P.S. I can't upload other photos with my favorite bloggers like Joanna Ladrido and Patricia Prieto because the shots look so crappy. Remember what I said in my last blog post? My camera is such a bitch. Eep.

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