Wednesday, 7 December 2011


What I wore for Bloggers United 2: Dress: Vivienne Westwood black bandage dress | Blazer: From Ever Dept. Store | Bags: Mulberry Satchel-inspired bag and Forever 21 shopping bag | Shoes: Parisian wedges | Bubbles star connector ring in peach and Andretia Tassel necklace

(Photo credit to my cousin, Jeremy. She used her new red d3100 here.)

I would consider this outfit post as blog post number 1 about the Bloggers United 2. I love everything on this look! ..the dress --really a perfect little black dress!, the blazer, the necklace and all! Love love love! Sorry for the lack of words. :P

Regarding the title, it describes my "sunkissed hair". I did a last minute root touchups before the Bloggers United. Good thing I was able to achieve the color that I've always wanted. :D

Here is my cousin's outfit too:

P.S. Next blog posts, photos with the other bloggers and summary of that day with my cousin. :)

P.P.S. My d90 was acting up so weird that it didn't autofocus during the event. I initially thought it was a body problem (d90 has a body motor) or a lens problem but thank God, it was just a HUMAN issue. HAHA. My fault, I didn't attach the lens correctly (it wouldn't just snap easily.. gahhhh!) I remember that fidgety moment of mine. :| Well yeah, no photos from my camera. My cousin and her camera are both my saviors though. :)


  1. Beautiful dress! Glad you had fun at BU :)

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  2. I still have the Rolling Stones ring, btw. Just email me for orders :)