Friday, 23 December 2011

Looky! The package that I got today from Bubbles. Thank you again Tati for the amazing accessories! Can't wait to pile 'em on. :)

Booze for Christmas. I want wine though!

And a photo of this litol boy that's becoming so stubborn (like his mum)! :))

Everyone's excited for Christmas and of course, the Noche Buena. Gonna be a busy bee for the food preparation so expect more foodie shots this week. This holiday can be an excuse for pigging out!

Merry christmas y'all! :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

(c) Chen Lariosa

"Don't be so hard to yourself. You screwed up, learn from it. But don't punish yourself. You'll bounce back eventually. You'll make up for it."

Little Droplets

My Blackberry has swag now! This cute case is my reward for "it" being so patient and loyal with the old, broken silicon case. Unfortunately, the pink one is out of stock so I just opted this gold case. I love the droplet effect! :)
Meet my "tita-cousin" slash partner in crime, Jeremy. :) I invited her to join me at the Bloggers United 2. She's always game so she's definitely not that hard to please!

Photos below are all taken by her bloody d3100. lol

The glutton in me was greatly satisfied by Conti's Mango bravo cake, chocolate mousse and buffalo wings.

And again, thanks Bubbles for this lovely red tassel necklace! :)

Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair Part 2 (Post number 2)

My apologies to all of my "readers/followers" (Chos! Haha.) for this super late post regarding the 2nd installment of Bloggers United. But as promised, here's the second blog which shows the photos with the fashion bloggers that I admire and the good good stuff that I found on that event! :)

A photo with one of the prettiest, Kryz Uy! :)

It was my first time to see Ms. Divine Lee. I got goosebumps upon seeing her, seriously! She's so GORGEOUS! :) I also love her dress (Versace x H&M) and her shoes above. With her body, no wonder she can pull off anything.

..And of course, why Victor Basa is so in love with her! :)

Finally got the chance to meet Vern Enciso. See my blog roll on my sidebar, she's the first on the list! :) I discovered her blog just 2 months ago and I instantly became her follower. That's mainly because of her style which is soooo me? :) Look! We're both wearing Bubbles' tassel necklace and same texture of blazer. She's nice as well! <3

I LOVE Domiqiue Tiu's kimono here! :) Let me also mention that she's my crush! :)) (No, I'm not lesbo duh. Sadly though! Haha.)

Saw Aisa Ipac too! Another favorite blogger of mine. She's one of the organizers of Bloggers United 2. :)

Before leaving Treston International College, I saw Kookie Buhain outside. I immediately approached her. Yeah, she never fails to amaze me with her style. :)

With Karl Leuterio! :) Okay, his bangs are much better than my unruly bangs! :| lol.

I saw Amethyst on that event.. Ooops, I mean Laureen Uy. Can't really break her style. ;)

Paul Jatayna's busy selling his stuff so I wasn't able to approach him.

THE Os Accessories

I really had fun even if the venue feels like hell because of the deadly heat inside the gym. I kid..Or not! :)) Here are the 2 of my purchases:

Was supposed to buy Varsity jacket or watch from David Guison for boyfriend again but the items were sold out. And so I ended up buying the diamond necklace. Look what happened after the day that I purchased it. *sad*

Camille Co wasn't there but here's what I got on her booth, Shu Uemura creams. :) Perfect gift this Christmas!

Am hoping that there's still Bloggers United Part 3. Pretty please? :)

P.S. I can't upload other photos with my favorite bloggers like Joanna Ladrido and Patricia Prieto because the shots look so crappy. Remember what I said in my last blog post? My camera is such a bitch. Eep.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


What I wore for Bloggers United 2: Dress: Vivienne Westwood black bandage dress | Blazer: From Ever Dept. Store | Bags: Mulberry Satchel-inspired bag and Forever 21 shopping bag | Shoes: Parisian wedges | Bubbles star connector ring in peach and Andretia Tassel necklace

(Photo credit to my cousin, Jeremy. She used her new red d3100 here.)

I would consider this outfit post as blog post number 1 about the Bloggers United 2. I love everything on this look! ..the dress --really a perfect little black dress!, the blazer, the necklace and all! Love love love! Sorry for the lack of words. :P

Regarding the title, it describes my "sunkissed hair". I did a last minute root touchups before the Bloggers United. Good thing I was able to achieve the color that I've always wanted. :D

Here is my cousin's outfit too:

P.S. Next blog posts, photos with the other bloggers and summary of that day with my cousin. :)

P.P.S. My d90 was acting up so weird that it didn't autofocus during the event. I initially thought it was a body problem (d90 has a body motor) or a lens problem but thank God, it was just a HUMAN issue. HAHA. My fault, I didn't attach the lens correctly (it wouldn't just snap easily.. gahhhh!) I remember that fidgety moment of mine. :| Well yeah, no photos from my camera. My cousin and her camera are both my saviors though. :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Backtrack 2

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is my runway."

Black Satchel Bag from Parisian | Shoes from Parisian | Animal Print Top from PRP | Black Bodycon Skirt from Pink Manila | Leaf Necklace | Scorpion Connector and Leaf Connector Rings


Photos from my Tumblr site. (c) Ron Torres and Lounelle Aladin

Top: WAGW | Skirt: Black bandage skirt from Pink Manila | Leaf necklace from Ever | Bag: Red Satchel | Shoes: Peep-toe clog shoes from WADE